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Understand the process behind a successful sale and learn the techniques and tools to exceed your sales goals.

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Discover what differentiates successful sellers
from average sellers

Sales are a game of numbers. Do not leave it to your luck.


Precio de lanzamiento


  • 5 Hours of content
  • Brain composition assessment
  • Certificate of completion
  • Downloadable resources


What is there for you?

(You will only understand the importance of this "simple" question when you finish the course)

You will learn how to properly execute each stage of the sale to be successful (pre-sale, during and after-sale) and you will obtain the necessary tools and techniques to investigate the true needs of your clients and thus increase your conversion rates. Best of all, I will show you a process that will help you identify what you are doing well and what you are doing wrong to improve and win the final game.


The science and the impact that each stage of the sales process has on your clients


All about sales from how to identify needs to how to handle objections and close more sales.


Techniques and specialized methods to implement the best strategy that will lead you to increase your sales closures.

Meet the Creator of this Course

Businesswoman, author and lecturer who since the age of six faced the world of sales. Without realizing it, over the years he developed a passion and great expertise for this fascinating world.

Stephanie went from selling door to door to generate sales in different countries around the world. In this process, he decided to study Professional Sales at the university and devoted himself to researching the science behind sales to help people understand why, learn how and apply the proper process to obtain better sales results.

Stephanie is Co-founder of The Biz Nation and is one of the Carvajalino Sisters, who have become a source of inspiration for thousands of people for their work in transferring education for a productive education. Stephanie received the professional sales champion award from the Professional Sales Center in the US and with her sisters, has received honorable acknowledgments including White House Change Champions and even be declared Cultural and Historical Heritage by the Colombian government.

Take a look at the list of modules and take a look to see what you will learn in this course!

Curriculum of the course

Introducción a las Ventas

Mi Historia y Pasión por las Ventas

Enfoque, Perseverancia y Control Mental Para Ganar en las Ventas

La Verdad sobre las Ventas

De dónde se genera la Ventafobia y cómo Derrotarla

Intro Pre-Venta

Tips de organización

Cómo priorizar mis actividades de ventas


Qué Diferencia a los Vendedores Exitosos de los Vendedores Promedio

Leads Vs. Prospectos

Técnicas para Crear tu Lista de Prospectos

Cómo Cualificar tus Prospectos

Llamadas en Frío

La Meta de una llamada

5 elementos de una Llamada Exitosa


¿Cuál es la Clave de Los Buenos Correos?



Cuatro Pasos que Debes Seguir para Empezar un Venta con Pie Derecho

Paso 1: Introducción

No hay una Segunda Oportunidad para Una Primera Impresión

Paso 2: Rapport

Paso 3: ¿Qué Hay para Mí?

Paso 4: Agenda


¿Quién Toma la Decisión?

Ejemplos de Preguntas para Identificar Quién Toma la Decisión

3 reglas para Indagar la Situación General de tu Cliente

Regla 1: Utiliza Preguntas Abiertas

Regla 2: Los Clientes “No Tienen Problemas”

Regla 3: Juega tus Ventajas

Ejemplos Preguntas de Indagación

¿Hay Algo Más?

IDI: 3 Pasos para Analizar los Verdaderos Problemas de tus Prospectos

Paso 1: Identificación

Paso 2: Desarrollo

Paso 3: Impacto

Ejemplos Preguntas IDI

Cómo Cerrar una Venta Antes de Llegar al Cierre

Compromiso al Cambio

Ciclo de Decisión del Cliente

Componentes de una Presentación Exitosa

Tips para una Presentación Matadora

Tipos de Cliente: Teoría del Cerebro Triádico

Técnicas para presentarle a los Clientes Cerebro Izquierdo

Técnicas para presentarle a los Clientes Cerebro Derecho

Técnicas para presentarle a los Clientes Cerebro Central

Cierra con Broche de Oro

Proceso Vs. Estilo

Como Manejar las Objeciones

¿Estas Haciéndole Seguimiento a tus clientes?

Se diferente, las personas están aburridas de lo mismo

Revisión del Negocio

Con este me Despido

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