The Biz Nation is 1 of 50 startups reshaping the future of Latin America, says World Economic Forum

The Biz Nation is 1 of 50 startups reshaping the future of Latin America, says World Economic Forum

The Biz Nation is 1 of 50 UpLink Latin American startups transforming the future of the region, according to the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group.

For this year’s World Economic Forum on Latin America, the WEF, the IFC, and leading authorities on Latin American business chose fifty of Latin America’s most impactful startups to participate in the event in São Paulo, March 13-15, 2018. These startups were chosen to participate due to their contribution to the regional tech ecosystem. The forum will be an opportunity for them to continue to accelerate the development of the region’s digital economy” by improving access to crucial services such as banking, education, healthcare, and employment.

The Biz Nation makes up one of three Colombian startups to be recognized at the Forum. Founded by the three Carvajalino sisters, The Biz Nation is a social enterprise focused on empowering youth with practical education. Through an innovative e-learning platform, they teach marketable expertise, including soft skills, entrepreneurship and financial intelligence, through a revolutionary methodology that significantly improves user’s learning. They focus on equipping users with marketable skills that will allow them to get a job, move up in their career, or start their own business.

“We founded The Biz Nation after spending 14 years as motivational speakers, teaching people about entrepreneurship. We realized that motivation wasn’t enough. Our audiences lacked the tools to act, and they lost steam after two weeks. So we started using technology to arm people with the knowledge they need to take action and get started. Motivation plus knowledge equals power,” said The Biz Nation co-founder and COO, Karen Carvajalino.

Since it was founded, The Biz Nation has reached an audience that spreads across six countries, from the United States to Argentina and registers an astonishingly high 50% completion rate for its online courses. The average completion rate for other popular online course platforms hovers around 3%, or lower for free courses.

For their work, the sisters have previously been awarded as Champions of Change by the White House and as a Historical and Cultural Heritage by Colombia. Daniela, CEO of The Biz Nation, is also a WEF Global Shaper.

This March, the sisters will have the opportunity to meet over 750 leaders from the region to network and engage with WEF members, and discuss how policymakers can help companies deploy innovative, tech-driven solutions in their home countries and abroad.

“Startups in Latin America and the Caribbean are deploying creative solutions to confront not just local challenges, but also regional and global ones. … We have identified more than 50 individuals who are ready to transform the narrative of Latin America through innovation and technology, and it will be our pleasure to welcome them to the World Economic Forum for Latin America this year,” stated Marisol Argueta de Barillas, Senior Director of the World Economic Forum for Latin America.

“For us, and for any Colombian entrepreneur to be recognized globally is an honor, and an opportunity to change the perception of our country. As young Latina women, especially, we are thrilled to participate in this global event, to show that women can innovate, too. We are grateful to have been chosen and see this event as an opportunity to network and spread The Biz Nation so we can keep growing,” said Daniela Carvajalino.

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